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Hilary Livesby - Sports Massage Therapist

Sport Massage at Body Tonic Surrey

Hilary is a fully-qualified sports massage therapist with several years’ experience of helping clients deal with their problems. Her aim is to help her clients to feel better and function better. Specialising in sports-related problems, Hilary’s clients have come from a wide range of sports including runners, cyclists, triathletes, rugby players, weight trainers, skiers, golfers, walkers and dancers. She also uses sports massage techniques to treat people who do not participate in regular exercise but nevertheless have annoying aches and pains. The health and well-being of her clients are Hilary’s top priority, regardless of their exercise routine.

Hilary is trained in soft tissue mobilisation through deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular techniques. Her training also covered anatomy and physiology and the principles of exercise, fitness and health. In addition, she has a certificate in the use of acupuncture techniques for the management of sports injuries, a technique which can be very effective and a useful adjunct to sports massage.

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