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Caroline Leek - Life Coach

Body Tonic Life Coach

I am an accredited DISC behaviour and personal coach with qualifications in life coaching and mindfulness. I worked for many years in a corporate environment where I have coached and mentored many of my peers and team members both on career and personal life but now I can offer this knowledge and support on a more personal level.

DISC profiling

DISC is a widely recognised Behaviour profile tool that shows how you flex between your natural and adaptive style. By identifying your natural tendencies DISC gives you the knowledge to consciously adjust and balance. This allows you to really see yourself and how you do what you do.

Adapt Your Behaviour

Adaptive behaviour requires increased energy which can lead to your personal battery running low and causes you to have increased adrenaline levels which generates Cortisol to be produced which is the stress hormone. By being aware it can help awareness to stress which can lead to health issues.

Your behavioural design is a combination of all factors within in DISC. A person’s behavioural style or “DISC” style is NOT what makes them good or bad, right, or wrong just simply how you do you.

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